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Retail DNA

Transforming small to medium size retail businesses & embedding innovative thinking and processes through best practice methods.


Our team have extensive experience in bricks & mortar operations, e-commerce execution & omni commerce delivery - always with the customer at the centre of decision making. As well as strong brand management, product sourcing & supplier chain.


From brand concept to market delivery the team  can add value to your business in an agile manner.

Our goal is to make monitoring the status of your merchandising displays as easy as getting a ride through Uber or Lift.


Our "Display Aware" solution simplifies the process of managing merchandising campaigns with a user-friendly interface for managing all of your store locations, campaign settings, and sales personnel who will need to receive alerts.


We make your merchandising displays "smart" with intelligent hardware that is small and lightweight, using the latest and greatest communications technology. It automates live display location tracking that can penetrate into the store with great accuracy.


Our solution does not require an app to be installed for display tracking, and we leverage GPS capabilities that are much more powerful and accurate than traditional beacons. Plus, the solution has a battery life of up to two years!


The granular data coming from each and every display gives you a precise understanding of your merchandising campaign readiness and performance for your in-store promotions. Once you experience the confidence that comes from being in control of your promotions from planning through execution, you'll never go back to just hoping for the best.

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