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Computer Vision

Use case: Inventory Management, Consumer Engagement using Mobile Camera for scanning, OCR and Augmented Reality
Use case: Out of Stock / Inventory Control using inexpensive cameras and object recognition / ML / AI

Real-time Out of Stock tracking for Retail / CPG

Smart Shelf driving revenue for CPG/Retail 

Business Case/ Challenge- The Shelf has been with us for at least a couple of thousand years, and probably longer. Everything in that time period has drastically evolved with advent of technology many folds, but Shelf still remain same and serving same purpose. And it’s perhaps time for it to get a make-over. It’s time for shelf to get smarter, and go digital.


Solution- Equipped with cameras to bring computer visioning technology, combined with AI, and machine learning, Shelf can now see, hear, and sense in real-time basis. For manufacturers – a smart shelf can create data-led sales and marketing opportunities, it can also maximize profits for the retailers and enables manufacturers and retailers to reward shopper. 


Technology Used:


  • Shelf cameras

  • 4G modem

  • LCD screen

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Linux OS with data storage on Cloud backend

  • JSON, PERL, JavaScript

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